The mobile application for restaurants Sírveme Online, managed by Burton and Speke Travel, has announced that it will offer its delivery / take away module for free until December 31, within the measures to support the sector due to the covid pandemic -19. It is a new service, launched recently by the application, which allows customers to place orders at home or to pick up and even schedule them a week in advance. The establishment will receive these orders on the corresponding day and time for its service, in addition to displaying all the daily and weekly programming, as well as a history. Thanks to its management panel, the restaurant can select the times and delivery areas, along with promotions, discounts and other necessary configurations necessary for the operation of the service.

Serve Me Online, whose application can be downloaded for free for Android and IOS devices, started its activity in October 2018 offering a basic digital menu service for restaurants. It allowed customers to view the restaurant menu, including images of dishes, allergen information, and other related information. Subsequently, a module was added for orders in the restaurant itself, with the intention that the user could carry out his command little by little, without having to resort to the waiter. You can also make the payment via mobile, either with a credit card or with other systems, such as PayPal.

The company is in the process of expanding its model, having reached an agreement with the company IGT Microelectronics, manufacturer of management solutions at the ‘Agora’ point of sale. In this way, the Sírveme Online software has undertaken an integration process with ‘Agora’, although it is not necessary to have this program for the application to function properly. As the director of Sirveme Online, Enrique González explains, “although Sírveme Online was born as an app to facilitate food orders in catering establishments for immediate consumption on the premises, very soon we realized that other functionalities were needed that respond to the change in the sector.As a result of the collaboration with the managers of the establishments and the final customers, we have developed the Delivery / TakeAway module, which allows the management of the delivery of food to the home or the order of it so that the customer take her home. “