Servicio inmediato para tus clientes

  • Gestiona los platos de la carta
  • Recibe pedidos por impresora
  • Gestiona las mesas
  • Conoce los platos más valorados

Manage your menu

Add new dishes at the time, it withdraws temporarily unavailable dishes or manages the recommendations of the day. All immediately from your management panel.

Manage your establishment tables

Known at all times at a glance, that tables occupied and how many people there are in each one among many other things.

Displays bills

Knows at all times outstanding pay tables and the amount of each so you do not miss anything. Avoid billing errors and just take care of the small details, those that make your restaurant special.



Meet the dishes more orders and better valued by your customers. Your letter may improve on what your customers deem necessary. You have a direct channel of communication with them, the best way to know what they like.

Direct orders

Orders each table will receive them directly to your printer. In this way, your cooks do not lose detail of each of them and will have them in front at all times without the waiters have to manage it.

Automatic update

All orders are automatically updated without having to refresh the system. Your waiter service can focus on every little detail make your establishment a cozy place to go and enjoy a meal agradeble.